Panhellenic Life

Indiana University is home to one of the largest and oldest Greek communities in the country. About 23 percent of IU undergraduates choose to participate in Greek-letter organizations. For these students, the Greek community offers a home away from home, lifelong friendships, and both social and philanthropic opportunities.

Each sorority at Indiana University is complete with unique women from all different backgrounds. No two sororities are made up of members who are all alike. Each chapter has its own sense of diversity and individuality. However, you will notice a common bond among the members of each chapter that is also unique and private. This bond of sisterhood is alive and strong in each of our 22 organizations.

Sisterhood is bonding together in love and in friendship, while striving for similar goals. Being a part of a sorority is something that cannot be compared to anything else. To know of its existence is one thing, but to experience it is another. The women of these organizations are bonded through the values their individual organizations were built on. The sisterhood built in these organizations is unique and comes together in a community that supports each member and chapter. 

The Greek community supports the value of a college education and places scholarship as one of the highest priorities for its members. Sororities provide opportunities to earn awards, recognition and scholarships for academic success. Support and help are always forthcoming through study/quiet hours, skills workshops, tutoring groups, and several informal programs. Women from our organizations leave their undergraduate chapter to more on to graduate school, full time jobs, medical school, and volunteer opportunities. The Panhellenic Community continuously has a GPA above the undergraduate women's average GPA and undergraduate average GPA. More information about academics and the Greek community can be found here!


One of the most gratifying aspects of Panhellenic life is the sense of satisfaction and pride which comes with involvement in philanthropy and community service. Fundraising events of many kinds are organized each year by fraternities and sororities in order to benefit worthwhile charities. Such projects help build moral character through the realization of the needs of people less fortunate. Each year, individual chapters participate in philanthropy projects ranging from working with Big Brothers and Big Sisters to fundraising drives for the Heart Fund, American Cancer Society, Muscular Dystrophy, and Riley Hospital for Children. Whether visiting residents of a local nursing home, painting public buildings, or skating with preschoolers, the fraternity/sorority member experiences a feeling of well-being and a sense of worth that comes from the simple expression of care for others.

The Indiana University Fraternity and Sorority Community began an initiative in 2004 focused on the integration of our core principles into an assessment process that would unify the goals and values of the all fraternities and sororities. These core values represent not only the learning goals of the chapters and each individual member but also of the university and its commitment of providing meaningful experiences outside the classroom. The five parts of the Pillars of Excellence outline what a successful chapter should look like and give each member a foundation in striving to be the best member. These principles, to which our chapters were founded upon many years ago, are still an integral part of our chapters today.

These are the core values that represent not only the learning goals of the chapters and each individual member, but also of the Greek community and Indiana University as a whole. These pillars outline what a successful chapter promotes:

Values Integration

Chapter teaches and upholds the values of their organization, Fraternity and Sorority community, and Indiana University
Intellectual Development and Academic Support: Chapter develops and maintains a scholarship program for its members that will enhance their academic success.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Chapter respects the dignity of people while embracing the free exchange of ideas and beliefs.

Intellectual Development and Academic Support

Chapter develops and maintains a scholarship program for its members that will enhance their academic success and contribute to the academic mission of the university.


Civic Engagement

Chapters engage in meaningful, comprehensive civic engagement and community partnerships.

Leadership Development

Chapter encourages leadership development and promotes leadership opportunities for its members.